Summer Training Program Topics

Week 1  

Shot stopping (It’s not just making a save)  

-Diving technique 

-Hand positioning 

-Pair or catch 

-Angle of approach during diving 

-Focus on push off and stands 

Week 2

Positioning (A keeper in the right position doesn’t even need to dive most of the time) 

-Goalkeeper waiting position and active position 

-Explanation of angles and posture 

-Progression from close range shots and long-range shots 

-When to go and when to stay 

-Game based example and exercise with focus on position 

Week 3

 Distribution (The game has changed) 

-Specific work on distribution with feet for goalkeepers 

-Work on punting and long kick 

-Keepers approach on build up 

-Distribution with hand 

-Master distribution with side volley kick 

Week 4

Crosses (The goalkeeper has the control of the box) 

-Communication with defenders and specific keywords 

-Positioning for different crosses; free kicks and corners 

-Focus on second post run for high crosses 

-Specific technique for crosses 

-How to deal with shot on crosses 

Week 5

Final week (Let’s have some fun and compete!) 

-Competition and evaluation 

-Keeper battle 



-Final competition

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