SENIOR YEAR (12th Grade)


Ø Narrow your school list to approximately 5 schools

Ø Finalize applications

Ø Complete applications in the fall

Ø Allow time to edit and finalize essays and collect letters of recommendations

Ø Recommended that your teacher or parents review the essays for proofing

Ø Meet all application/scholarship/financial aid/housing deadlines

Ø Submit your FAFSA application

Ø Meet with high school counselor to review and revise your academic plan

Ø Make sure your class schedule satisfies the NCAA core course requirement

Ø Official High School transcripts be sent to NCAA Eligibility Center (mid-year and final) and to schools that received applications

Ø Official Visits

Ø Schedule official visits with schools that have expressed interest

Ø If possible, visit during the season when the school plays a home match

Ø Follow up on all emails, letters, texts messages and phone calls from college coaches

Ø Take SAT or ACT again if needed

Ø Meet with your coach/Director to discuss your final list of schools

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