2018 - 2019 - Soccer Tryouts

2018 - 2019 -  Soccer Tryouts



  • What level does my child reigster / tryout for? 

​Shores soccer tryouts are open for all age appropriate players that are interested in playing in the competitive soccer. We recommend everyone attending pre-register. 


  • Do i have to attend all tryouts? ​​​

The staff strongly encourages players to attend all scheduled tryouts in their age groups. 


  • What if my child cannot attend the tryouts?

Email the managing director at David@shoresfutbol.com


  • How will players be evaluated?

The mission of the Shores Soccer Club travel team tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their peers possessing similar game skills. Players interested in participating in our competitive program must attend the tryouts for their age groups. Players are evaluated on several components:

Tryout Performance

  • Technical Skill – dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.
  • Tactical Awareness – attacking & defending principles, spacing, movement off the ball
  • Physical Abilities – speed, strength, balance, and coordination
  • Psychological – aggressiveness, determination, discipline, sportsmanship


Previous Season Performance

  • Development- ball control, and skill on the ball, speed, agility and motor function. Basically we are looking for how much the player has improved from the beginning to the end of the season
  • Commitment- character, discipline, attendance, focus, and desire to play
  • Game Impact- Understanding the game, anticipating plays, and decision-making, how the player influences the outcome of games
  • Head Coach Evaluations
  • Trainer Evaluation- based on observations made during pool training

Player evaluations and selections are made by our coaching staff. Players selected to participate will receive an email with the registration link. All selections are made within 24-48 hours after your tryout date. In addition to the email, players selected will receive a follow-up phone call from the head coach confirming the parents have received the email and they have a true desire to play competitive soccer. Selected players will have 48 hours after receipt of email to register online. Failure to register on time will result in player losing his placement on the team. 


  • What do i wear at the tryouts?

Players are encouraged to wear any soccer attire of their choice. Shin guards are mandatory. Also, if you can please bring a ball and water. 


  • How many Players do we place on a team?

9U / 2010:    Roster can be up to 14 players but we will only place 11 active palyers. 

10U / 2009:  Roster can be up to 14 players but we will only place 11 active players. 

11U / 2008:  Roster can be up to 16 players but we will only place 13 active players. 

12U / 2007:  Roster can be up to 14 players but we will only place 13 active players. 

13U / 2006:  Roster can be up to 22 players but we will only place 16 active players. 

14U / 2005:  Roster can be up to 22 players but we will only place 18 active players. 

15U / 2004:  Roster can be up to 22 players but we will only place 18 active players. 

16U / 2003:  Roster can be up to 22 players but we will only place 18 active players. 


  • How many teams will be formed?

The formation of teams is determined by the talent and numbers at the tryouts. Typically, we form between 2-3 teams per age groups. 


  • When does the season start?

All teams practices will begin the week of August 13, 2018.


  • When will we know our tentative yearly schedule?

As soon as the teams have been created, the team manager, coach, and managing director will work together to complete the yearly tentative schedule. Which as always, is subject to change.


  • Who is our coach and when will we practice? 

The 2018 / 2019 coaching assingments and practice schedule is determined by June 10, 2018.







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